Authentication with usability
and reliability

We focus on enabling good customer experience. We are continuously working on novel solutions to equip both service providers and users with the authentication tools and services they can rely on. Regardless of whether your needs are personal or professional, our flexible and user-friendly solutions can help with your authentication needs. We cover the technology for you.

Privacy and trust

We build trust on knowing the users: reliably ensuring that the users are who they claim to be while respecting the privacy of their identity and information.

Anonymity is one way to preserve privacy. However, it can be and is often used to cover malicious acts on the web. Our solutions are able provide the right amount of anonymity: no more than the service provider needs and no more than the users are willing to reveal.

We believe that a professional authentication solutions and services should never analyze or make buck with the personal information of the users. Our goal is to provide such professionalism.

Privacy goes hand-in-hand with the trust.

SW development, Secure IT consulting,
and integration

Specializing in secure networked IT infrastructures, we provide software development services with a team of professional SW developers and security specialists.

No matter if your project is to launch a new product or discontinue some parts of your business, we can provide support to perform design or redesign for your project covering system architecture, network communications and security.

As for user authentication solutions, be it our in-house or 3rd party solutions, we provide support for the integration and maintenance work. You can focus on serving your offering to the customers.

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